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Walkover is the ultimate Splatter-Strategy-Action-Game. Fight side by side with your friends against hords of Aliens. Be prepared for epic battles with several hundreds of enemies.

If this is the first time you come here, you most likely want to have a look at the screenshots or directly head forward to the download section. enjoy :)

For playing the game, you need a desktop resolution of 1024x768 or higher. Minimal system requirements: 800Mhz, 8MB graphics adapter, recommended Hardware CPU>=1000Mhz, >=32MB graphics adapter.


Walkover is on Steam! - 2015-03-23 19:00 UTC

Walkover is available on Steam! It's still free like before and now you can collect achievements or use the steam overlay while playing. The Normal and the Steam version are compatible, so they play against the same servers. The community doesn't get split by this.

This is a great step for Walkover, ou community and ourselfs. We hope you take it with us over at Steam.

See you ingame ;)

Olds :)

Walkover is on Greenlight! - 2012-09-04 12:17 UTC

Gunnar took the time and set up a Steam Greenlight Page for Walkover. So welcome steamers & go there and vote for Walkover!

Walkover Windows 7 Update - 2010-10-19 21:01 UTC

I finally enhanced the compatibility of Walkover with Windows 7. While it basically worked all the time already, there were some confusing flickering and window focus issues before when DWM/Aero is on in Windows 7 (and probably Windows Vista as well - I haven't checked this though.) Besides that, I switched from DirectMusic to Audiere for backgroound music playback. DirectMusic is horribly outdated and I didn't figure out how to make it compile on a current version of VC, so I just ditched it :) The chat message edit box still doesn't appear in windows 7 - but it works, so you can press enter, type your chat message blindly, then press enter again and it'll appear. I'm not exactly sure what causes this though.
Please report any issues you may experience. Have fun!

Walkover still Up and Running! - 2010-03-19 14:03 UTC

I haven't updated the game for some time already. Nevertheless, I keep it working and still play it from time to time myself. Others do too! Check the Playtime-Matrix on the left.

Walkover completed moving servers - 2007-07-11 11:43 UTC

Moving complete. :) Finally.

Several urls changed, for example the url where walkover looks for running games, broadcasts games hosted locally, updates itself etc. Therefore, you have to download walkover again. Afterwards, its update functionality will work again.

I also linked it against the newest DirectX files. I only use DirectX for sound output, but anyways, it might be required to install an up to date DirectX distributable to play the newly compiled version of Walkover. You can get it here:

Back to work soldier! :D

ATTENTION: Walkover moves servers - 2007-07-16 12:15 UTC

During the next few days, Walkover will be moved to new servers. Theoretically, you shouldn't notice any change at all, but in practice, if something happens, the page and/or the game might not work for some time. So if something doesn't work over the next few days, be assured that it'll work again :)

Time for a new forum! - again ... - 2006-12-17 19:15 UTC

We ran into some difficulties with the new server for the new board. That's the reason why there was no baord at all for the last couple of weaks. However, now it's back online and we plan to keep it that way!

(The style change is still on our todo list.)

Happy posting again!

Time for a new forum! - 2006-11-05 10:15 UTC

As you might have noticed, we had some issues with forum spamming lately. That, and because the old inivison board wasn't updated anymore due to license changes, we decided to move on and search for another forum solution - which we believe to have found in SMF. The content of the old board got converted into the new. Please notify us if we dropped something important accidently.

The only thing left to do is to adapt the theme to Walkover style. We'll do that over the next days.

Happy posting!

Slightly new versions - 2006-08-08 20:33 UTC

Over the last couple of days, I released two new versions. The first is probably not important for most of you: I bought some 20" TFT's with a resolution of 1600x1200 and Walkover didn't render nicely on that resolution, so there was defenately a need to modify the code! The other change might be of more interest to everybody: I modified the code to wind up much faster in case it gets behind the actual game time, because of a second of bad network connection or some background task with high priority suddenly does something. So basically, the problem with really large lags that occured rarely should resolve much better now - well unless your PC actually really is too slow to wind up. In case of trouble, feel free to tell me about in the forums.

Finally, I also took some time to add the missing keyboard shortcuts to the manual. :)

Playtime-Matrix revived - 2006-06-15 00:18 UTC

I revived the Playtime-Matrix. It shows the amount of Walkover gaming activity per hour of a day of a week. So if you want to play together with many other players, take a look at the Playtime-Matrix a you'll know when you should be online. ;) You can reach the Playtime-Matrix by the link on the left side in the Community section.

Top 200 - 2006-05-18 01:40 UTC

DerDimö just told me that the vote button doesn't work anymore. Top200 says their harddrive crashed and all accounts had to be recreated. I don't know when this happened but it works again now. @quakenet - 2006-03-18 08:54 UTC

Digi registered the irc channel @quakenet. I allows to coordinate games and finding others to play with more easily.

A few smaller changes - 2005-12-31 00:00 UTC

I changed a bit of the game initialization. Dr.InfernO wants to set up a dedicated server with a higher enemylimit than 1000. Until version 1.0.2, the enemylimit was controlled on the client side, the server only forwarded the given value to the clients. With 1.0.3 I changed this behaviour. Not you can specify the maximum enemylimit in server.cfg. The official servers will stay at 1000 because this allows players with older hardware to participate. You can use whatever value you want on your servers though.

When hosting a game on the client side, I also removed the limit. Since this feature won't be used with the presence of all the dedicated servers on the internet anyway, it is not needed any more. On a LAN, you have to care about players with older hardware yourself - or set up a dedicated server with an appropriate limit.

I also added a precompiled version of the dedicated server to the download.

As you may have noticed, a new map was added in 1.0.2. Thanks to ProFighter for this addition.

Updater Update - 22.10.2005 02:00 UTC

I updated the updater. It should work faster for those who had problems with it now. There was also a bug with the self updating feature: it just didn't work. So if you have trouble with the updater download Walkover setup from the downloads section again. There, the new updater is included. It should self update correctly now.

You can differenciate between the new and the old updater by the version number in the title bar. The new updater has v0.1.3, while the old one doesn't display a version number at all.
For all those who don't have problems with updating, you don't need to reinstall. The game itself is not affected in any way, as well as future updates won't be.

Walkover 1.0.0 - 17.10.2005 14:00 UTC

After two years of development we finally reached it: I'm glad to present Walkover 1.0.0 !

Comparing 1.0.0 to 0.9.9c, only minor changes related to gameplay occured. But there is one new cool feature: We now have a soundtrack! Make sure to click yes, when asked for the additional download. It's comparativly large with 100 MB, but it'll definitely enhance your gaming experience.

Heading forward to 2.0.0 !


Support Walkover and get an IPod Nano 4GB for free! - 12.10.2005 22:55 UTC

This is only for german players though: Have a look at this thread how you can support Walkover and get an IPod Nano 4GB or IPod 20GB for free!


Thanks in advance! And good luck for your IPod. :)

0.9.9 released - 23.09.2005 20:00 UTC

As I announced a few hours ago, I release a new version. The changes are mainly related to balance. The enemy multiplicator doesn't only multiply the initial amount of enemies on the field, it also multiplies the nests' birthrates. I made the shockwave less powerfull but executed more often. The good old lasers were enhanced. They create a damage twice as much as before. My final goal would be to give them as much damage as they need to have an equivalent value in gameplay than the ion guns. For the last few months, the lasers were completly useless. And, perhaps the most important change, you get a 10% score loss penalty for dying. So, to cut it short, you can't reach high levels if you die often. We'll see how it turns out. ;)

Last but not least, I took the time to polish the gui.

Viperb0y's server went down even earlier than expected. Therefore I set up a few servers on a VM. The Celebration Event will launch no matter what! :D

Cya while fighting!

Viperb0y Server Celebration! - 23.09.2005 02:00 UTC

I would like to remind you of the upcomming event next sunday at 14:00 UTC. We celebrate the end of the dedicated servers running on Viperb0y's server. At the end of this month, we probably are dedicated-server-less. So this might be your last chance to participate in large battles against the alien invasion. Bring your guns!

I plan to release a new version before sunday. Main focus will be rebalancing, e.g. the multiplicator will multiply the breedrate too, like BlackShadow suggested. This will make the game much harder with high multiplicators than before.

Cya on sunday!

P.S.: Remember that the time is given in UTC. E.g. Germany is UTC+1 thus it will be 15:00 in Germany when the event starts. But you know that already, do you? ;)

Order the Uniform! - 30.08.2005 00:44 UTC

You can now order the official Walkover Uniform from spreadshirt here.

Server is up again! - 27.08.2005 23:05 UTC

On Friday evening, our webserver went down. As a result, the website as well as the online game list didn't work. It took some time until fixed the problem. We hope it will run without problems now.

Additionally, an advertent Walkover Soldier might have already noticed it, I released a new version of the walkover dedicated server. I hope that the strange bug that sometimes occured and resulted in a total freeze for all players and made the server unusable for a couple of minutes is solved now. Please report if you encounter that bug again.

To encourage the usage of english in Walkover, I'ld like to concentrate your's attention on the new international clan *Afghan~Warriors*. We, the Walkover authority, welcome the decision to create this clan and encourage the creation of additional international clans.

Maintenance Update - 22.08.2005 21:30

g00mba released his Walkover WW2 mod. All new graphics and sounds in WW2 style! Be sure to check it out. You can find the current downloadlinks on the community board.

Along with g00mba's mod, there is a new version of Walkover. This time, the changes are more in detail:

Finally, I think the two mouseinputmethods are replaced by one that should work for everybody. Thx to ChickenLittle for pointing me out a few things on DirectInput initialization. ;)

Teamspeak 2 Client controlling can be switched off. So if you don't want Walkover to autojoin the official ts2 channels on connection to Alysia, Britanica, Clevus and Delfi, just switch it off.

The last change is probably the most unnoticable but most important. I recoded the parts relatid to timing and message handling. Along with that, the semantics of lagreduce changed. You should keep it at 0. Only if you experience heavy freezes from time to time for a few seconds, try a value of 1 or even 2. I hope the changes increas the performance. I can't stresstest Walkover as much as you all can together, so let's see what you report. :p

Maintenance Update - 01.08.2005 17:00

Due to some reports about miscalculated results, I added debugging info to the printout that should help to track down the problem.

Besides this technical issue, the new version includes a few new, as well as some updated maps (Elmar's edit seems be quite successfull) along with a new background image. :)

Next Sunday, 7th of August at 14:00 UTC, will be the 2nd appointment for playing large scale. As you can read in the community board, we fixed every 1st sunday per month, 14:00 UTC to be our large scale gaming event. Looking forward to see you there ;)

Happy gaming!

New orders! - 05.07.2005 02:00

Soldier! Intelligence located bug activity in 4 new locations: DM_Future3, DM_Future4, DM_Future5, CTF_Future2.
You'll be dislocated immediately!

To handle this situation, we are proud to present you the state of the art communication for battlefield mission. Install Teamspeak 2 Client !NOW! and stay in contact with your buddies on Alysia, Britanica, Clevus and Delfi. We expect increased mission success!

Mankind needs you!


15 new Maps! - 22.06.2005 16:20

The new version doesn't change the previous binary. Nontheless this version is a great advance because it features 15 new/redesigned maps from Blue Shark:

CTF_Future1, DM_Future001, DM_Future2, DM_Industry, DM_Industry2, DM_Industry3, DM_Industry4, DM_Industry5, N_Future1, N_Future3, N_Industry, N_Industry2, N_Industry3, N_Industry4, N_Industry5

You may wonder what happened to N_Future2. Well, I'm wondering about that, too. Only Blue Shark knows. :)

Let's go international! - 12.06.2005 01:00

We finally took the step and went international!

Some hours were spent, translating, and by the way updating, most of the texts linked on the page. You can proveread the texts and tell me what mistakes I have to fix.
The community board will stay dual language for some time. The information that is in there shouldn't get lost so fast. But if you want to create new threads, please use the international section. At some later time, Walkover will be renamed to Walkover German and Walkover international to Walkover. At some much later time, Walkover German will be removed. The prebeta testers section should switch to english from now on. Since the users of that part of the forum agreed to use beta versions, they can probably also handle the language mix for some time until the english posts become the majority. ;)

As you already may have noticed, Ben designed a new logo and plugged it into the page head and above the community board. There is a nicely animated banner available in the download section as well.

All this was done to get a larger community so we can find players whenever we want to play. As the next step, we will push walkover to the top of those top x-gamesites. That's the point where you come in. Vote for our game! Let's show those other games what real multiplayer online games are like! :)


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