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What is GameWatch?

GameWatch keeps you in track of the current Walkover Online Gaming status. Whenever Games are ready for joining, you get informed.

GameWatch puts itself in Window's System Tray. If there is no game game available, its icon is grey. When someone starts playing a game, the icon flashes yellow and red for a few seconds. Afterwards it stays red. Additionally, a sound is played. You can customize the sound by exchanging "signal.wav" with whatever Windows Media compatible WAV File you have.


Just double click on GameWatch.exe. To start GameWatch when your System boots up, you have to add a Shortcut to it in your Startup dir.


After startup, the current list of available games is shown for a few seconds. Afterwards, it minimizes to your Systray. You can display the List at any time by double clicking on the Tray-Icon (W on grey or yellow/red background). Then, the list pops up again. The list gets updated every 5 minutes. Alternatively, you can force an update by clicking on "Update NOW!". You can stop GameWatch completly by clicking on the Exit-Button. The current game state is also visible as a tooltip of the Trayicon. It shows the number of games available and the number of players in the game with the highest number of players currently available.


Current Versions

  Client: 1.2.1
Server: 0.9.1


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