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Walkover Manual

For playing the game, you need a desktop resolution of 1024x768 or 1280x1024.
Minimal system requirements: 600Mhz, 8MB Grafikkarte, recommended Hardware CPU>=1000Mhz, >=32MB Grafikkarte.

Single Player

There is no single player mode at the moment. But you can easily host a game locally by yourself without submitting it to the online game browser. That way, you can play on your own.

Multi Player

The simplest way for multiplaying is to join one of the available dedicated servers. If you play in a LAN and have no connection to the internet, one player has to host the game, the others have to join it by manually typing the hosters ip in the ip textbox. For hosting a game, port 4009 must be open for incoming TCP/IP connections. If the connection doesn't work, check your network configuration for that port being open.

Generell advices for staring a Game

For starting a game, all players have to set their state to ready. You can see the current state of each player by checking whether there is a [] (not ready) or a [*] (ready) behind his name. Furthermore, a map has to be selected, as well as a game mode. Afterwards, the map gets loaded. When you can see the map, it usually takes a few more seconds until the game really begins. The reason for that is that after all clients loaded the map, the game needs to be synchronized. That takes a few seconds. Besides, not all PCs load equally fast and you have to wait for the slowest.


You can move your soldier with WASD or WAXD. You aim with your mouse and fire with your left mouse button.
There are several different units on the playground. The green soldiers are your army. One of them are you. The human controlled soldiers have a blue circle beneath them as well as their name written above their head.
The main part of your enemies are bugs. They can be born from nests. You can increase the size of your army by taking reinforcement symbols. They are silver or gold blinking. If you die, you get reborn at a respawn point, if your army consists of more than 0 non human controlled soldiers. Otherwise, you loose. The goal of the game is to kill all enemies on the battlefield.
>You can give orders to the soldiers near to you. Have a look below for the possible commands. You can send a chat message by hitting enter, typing your message, and hitting enter again. You can also define hotkey messages on your number block. Before starting walkover, you can modify hotkeymsgs.txt to contain the messages you need often. While playing, you can send the predefined messages by just pushing the respective key on the number block.


After the game, you see, depending on the gamemode, more or less detailed statistics of the game. After closing that dialog, it takes some time until you see the chat dialog again. This is normal.Nach dem Spiel dauert es etwas bis das Menu wieder erscheint. Das Spiel ist dann nicht abgestürtzt, es dauert nur etwas. If someone could tell me how to accelerate glDeleteTextures(), this could be changed. ;)

Key Reference

W     up
A     left
D     right
S/X   down

Q     Soldiers nearby follow
E     Soldiers attack the location where you point at with your mouse
C     Soldiers defend the position they are standing at. They shoot
      better than in normal mode, but don't move at all.
Y     Set Soldiers back to normal behaviour state

R     builds a laser tower
F     builds a rocket tower
V     builds a teleporter, beaming in support troops from time to time
      Soldiers have to be around the construction site to finish the building.
      The player soldier doesn't count.

ENTER activate chat mode
0-9   Hotkeymessages (Numberblock)

1-7   Choose skills after a level up

ESC   Leave the game. Attention: If you host the game and leave a game,
      all others stop playing the game, too!


Current Versions

  Client: 1.2.1
Server: 0.9.1


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